Hello, My name is Dave and I am a reiki practitioner and a trainee yoga teacher.

My journey started many years ago when from the ages of five to sixteen I did judo competing for Wales from the age of thirteen until studies and exams took over. As a surfer looking to become more supple in order to improve my surfing technique I started to follow simple yoga guides and as a father of a competative swimmer I also looked for ways to improve technique and aid recovery for my daughter, this gave her a competative edge and secured her a place on the Welsh squad. After some life changes I qualified as a reiki master in 2017 and found an increased joy and passion in yoga practicing daily.

In 2019 after a series of completely unplanned events I found myself being asked to take over an existing class in order to keep it going.

As a full time working dad I have had to take the long way round to qualifying as a yoga teacher and am half way through my 150 hours required practice currently